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Environmental Conservation at Pumba

Pumba Private Game Reserve Cares

The Eastern Cape Province to date has been identified as one of the provinces in most need of socio-economic development. The Eastern Cape Province is the second largest and poorest province in South Africa and the third largest in terms of its total population, yet there is a high degree of poverty, resulting in the second lowest Human Development Index of the nine provinces. Only 3% of the province falls within formal conservation areas, highlighting Pumba as being an important component of biodiversity, conservation and socio-economic development.

South African Biomes at Pumba

The five Biomes found within the boundaries of PPGR are, Fynbos, Savanna, Grassland, Forest and Subtropical Thicket, all of which are subdivided accordingly by unique vegetation types typical of the area.

Social and Conservations at Pumba

The Directors of Pumba have taken a strategic decision to become actively involved in conservation and socio-economic upliftment of the area and look at eco-friendly means of providing visitors to Pumba with outstanding game viewing, complemented by excellent accommodation and service. But at the same time reducing the consumptive utilization of resources which are plundering our biodiversity. How is Pumba accomplishing this?

Eastern Cape Association of Private Game Reserves (INDALO):

The mission of the organization is to foster a pattern of land use that is ethically accepted and that is conducive to social responsibility, biodiversity preservation and an ecologically sound wild area management.

The organization forms a network where the sharing and providing of information takes place between the associated reserves involved. It enables the members to identify and address threats to biodiversity and ecological sustainability to identify appropriate solutions.

INDALO bi-annually commissions a socio-economic survey to verify the positive impact generated by the private game reserves on the socio-economic development of the area with the main emphasis being focused on the impact of conservation, economic and social activities of private game reserves in the Eastern Cape.

The outcomes of the bi-annual studies have been extremely positive, where game reserves have been found to be improving job opportunities and rates over agriculture, as well as developing local skills amongst bordering communities, to fulfil roles in the hospitality and conservation employment sectors.

Working for water

The reserve conservation team has identified the need to work towards restoring the watershed of the area, as Pumba Private Game Reserve forms the main catchment of the Cariega River which is an important source of water in the Eastern Cape. The conservation team have currently gained support from Working for Water who are providing Pumba with land clearing support to combat invasive Alien Plant Species. This effort has positive outcomes, as the carrying capacity of the reserve will definitely improve as a result of indigenous flora being restored. Soil erosion will be reduced and the reserves water holding capacity and seep lines will be restored.

Our Commitment

Pumba‚Äôs aim is to make a difference in contributing to the future preservation and conservation of our biodiversity, within a very important ecological hotspot. Conservation efforts are not only focused on the land but are also directed at the lodges, where sustainability of resource use is to be achieved, though not detracting from a 5-star quality standard of service which we provide within our lodges. Our bordering local and farming communities and their well-being are also an important factor within our conservation efforts. We will strive to continue to do our best in maintaining and expanding our conservation objectives for the benefit of all. 

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