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The Pumba Foundation

Since opening in 2004, Pumba Private Game Reserve has not only focused on being an ecotourism business, but also supporting the surrounding community. As one of the main employers of the Seven Fountains area, Pumba is committed to responsible tourism, conservation, education, community and social upliftment. The initial focus on conservation programs has steadily grown to support projects specifically designed to bring cooperation and support to the entire area.

The Pumba Social Responsibility and Conservation Foundation is funded through generous donations. All funds are directed towards conservation initiatives and projects identified by the local community. All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. If you would like to get involved, please click the button below and send us an email.

If your require a Section 18 A tax certificates, we are able to issue you with one.


Education and Development

As an essential pillar of any community, the Pumba Foundation has two core focuses, Early Childhood Development and Primary School projects.

The formation and establishment of the Seven Fountains Creche has been a main focus of the Foundation from Day 1. The construction of a brand new Creche structure has enabled an initial capacity of 25 children who will be taught by an officially qualified Early Childhood Development teacher. This capacity has the ability to be increased to 50 children as the Creche develops. The second focus is that of the existing Masakane Primary School, which currently has 95 children. Projects that have been introduced focus on areas such as art, storytelling, sport, conservation education and a bursary scheme that assists in providing school uniforms and other essentials.


Welfare and Community

The welfare and community aspects of the Foundation focus on healthy lifestyles and empowering the community as a whole. The renovation of the existing Seven Fountains Clinic has enabled direct health services back into the community with 3-time weekly visits, providing direct assistance to the community with both treatments and upkeep of medication.

The development of 2 sports fields and the formalisation of the Pumba Pirates Football Club has created an outlet for young sportsmen to be involved in team sports and a healthy, active lifestyle, with more projects planned to expand into netball, rugby and other sports.

Special events focused on such days as Mandela Day, Heritage Day and Youth Day, bring the community together to talk about different issues that affect the community as a whole and aim to celebrate and show off our community.



The conservation aspect of the Foundation focuses on some of the core aspects of the environmental health of Pumba Private Game Reserve. The key project at Pumba is the White Lion conservation project, which has been in place since 2007. This successful project has re-introduced white lions into the wild and is producing a diverse healthy population of white and split gene tawny lions.

In addition to fauna projects, the fundamental flora project is that of alien vegetation clearance. The Foundation has created employment for a team of vegetation clearance that focuses on eradicating exotic vegetation such as black wattle, long leaf wattle and blue gum, or eucalyptus. The goal of this is not only to reduce the spread of these species, but to promote additional ground water flow into essential areas such as river valleys.