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Ranger of the Year Competition

Posted on Wed June 29, 2022.

We are also pleased to introduce you all to our guiding team here at Pumba! Led by Head Ranger Phillip Gouza and Assistant Head Ranger Cameron Schmidt, the team may seem small, but they pack a wealth of knowledge and experience! We are excited to be having our first Ranger of the Year competition in 2022, which is designed to stimulate some healthy and fun competition between our guides.

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A Fresh Start...

Posted on Thu May 5, 2022 in Ranger Diaries.

A new year has brought with it a new start! After significant rainfall in late 2021, our calving and kidding season was extremely enjoyable as we watched all of our new impala, wildebeest and blesbuck enjoy the lush green grass and bush and have easy access to all of the new and refilled water sources. Game viewing has been at some of its best due to the healthy environment, with amazing green backdrops for close up encounters with elephant, lion, hippo and many more.

As we wind down our festive season specials, we are incredibly excited to be welcoming back so many international travellers who are taking advantage of the fantastic weather that Pumba has to offer throughout Summer and Autumn.

We look forward to another few months of perfect game viewing, sun tanning and swimming weather with the outlook on travel and leisure finally showing some signs of returning to pre-covid levels.

But rest assured, we are still ensuring a safe and stress-free environment at Pumba, boasting a 100% vaccination rate among staff, alongside all of our standard Covid health protocols, to ensure that all travellers are well looked after.

Until next time...

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Welcome home...

Posted on Thu May 5, 2022 in Pumba Foundation.

We are thrilled to announce that Pumba will be taking part in a special event to raise funds for the introduction of a new female cheetah into the reserve!The Addo2Fish Marathon will see 5 Pumba Team Members running through a private game reserve in a Big 5 section to show off the diversity of the Eastern Cape. The cheetah population is under huge stress in Africa and there are approximately 7000 cheetahs left in the wild, meaning that genetic diversity and breeding populations are crucial to the future of the species. Pumba has relocated a young female from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre and all funds raised will go towards her relocation and introduction into Pumba, where she should be gleefully welcomed by the 2 males on site.

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What's the best time of the year to visit Pumba?

South Africa has vast landscapes, terrains and many different eco-systems, making it an idyllic holiday destination no matter what time of year you choose to visit. South Africa generally experiences sunny weather with mild rainfall during the year. The weather in South Africa, particularly in the Eastern Cape, can get difficult to predict where one may experience four seasons in one day.

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Alien Vegetation Clearing Program

Posted by Neale on Sat October 26, 2019.

One of the most important aspects of the conservation branch of the Pumba Foundation is that of the alien vegetation clearing program. This dedicated team works all day, every day, to clear away the damage left behind by the historical spreading of species that don’t belong. Pictured here is the largest clearance so far, which creates an opening for natural vegetation to start growing, while also allowing more water to seep into the ground and flow into the valley.

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