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Animal Conservation

Animal Conservation Programs at Pumba.

White Lion introduction Programme

Pumba Private Game Reserve is home to the second known free-ranging, self-sustainable population of White Lions in Southern Africa. The reserve is home to a pride of White Lions, Tawny Coloured split gene Lions, some of which are wild born. Pumba’s White Lion project objective was to establish a sustainable self-sufficient pride of Lions comprising of pure white and split gene animals, which has now been successfully achieved and is reinforced by being one of CNN’s Top 10 Safari destinations in the world.


Leopard Monitoring and Re-introduction Programme

Since the opening of Pumba, signs (tracks, scats and kills) of free-ranging Leopard have been noted in the area, particularly along the drainage lines of the river courses which meander through the reserve. Pumba has rehabilitated Leopards which have come from areas where they were removed due to being categorized as problem animals.

The management objective was to develop a sustainable population of Leopards into an area where they already occur but in very limited numbers. This objective has been successfully achieved with frequent leopard sightings.

Our Commitment

Pumba’s aim is to make a difference in contributing to the future preservation and conservation of our biodiversity, within a very important ecological hotspot. Conservation efforts are not only focused on the land but are also directed at the lodges, where sustainability of resource use is to be achieved, though not detracting from a 5 star quality standard of service which we provide within our lodges. Our bordering local and farming communities and their well-being are also an important factor within our conservation efforts. We will strive to continue to do our best in maintaining and expanding our conservation objectives for the benefit of all.

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