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Things to do at Pumba

Wilderness Walking Trails

Under the guidance of well-trained Trail Guides, guests will be able to experience the wonders of the reserves wilderness areas, where the finer aspects of the bush will be the main focus of the experience. Trail Guides will focus on the interpretation of signs and tracks left behind by the animal species occurring on the reserve, as well as the plant and bird species which are so well represented in a unique environment in the Eastern Cape. Opportunity will allow for some of the high-profile species to be observed on foot e.g. Elephant, Rhinoceros, Lion and majestic large eagles.

Birding Safaris

For guests who are avid birding enthusiasts, and who wish to go on a birding safari, they may choose to embark on a pre-arranged birding outing with the latest in birding technology. Pumba boasts a bird hide on Cariega Lakes water’s edge, from where a bounty of water birds can be observed as well as a breeding pair of African Fish-Eagles.

Nocturnal Game Drives

Guests can be afforded the opportunity of going on a post dinner nocturnal drive to look for animals of the night. Game Viewing vehicles are equipped with spotlights to conduct night drives.


Sit under clear crisp skies and have the universe transcend upon you, as a Field Guide interprets the South Celestial Skies, where mythology of constellations are shared. Learn the art of navigation by night, with the interpretation of the Southern Cross or Orion’s Belt. With the aid of wireless technology, the night sky can be unfolded in front of you with the aid of Google astronomy, which slows the universe as it is being seen through cloud cover.

Pangolin Accredited Photographic Safaris

Under the guidance of a qualified Ranger and accredited photo guide, guests will be offered an hour lecture on the do’s and don’ts of wildlife photography (composition, lighting, camera setting, stance, animal behaviour and image reviews) fielded by a 3-hour safari experience with a photo guide and use of a DSLR camera + telephoto lens. This includes a free 8GB SD card containing the images captured, presented in a branded card holder.

Bass Fishing

Pumba Water Lodge is equipped with Bass fishing rods for both Fly Fishing and Bay Casting. Guests can enjoy Bass Fishing on Lake Cariega and will be accompanied by their ranger at all times.


Under the guidance of a trained Field Guide, guests will be briefed and given a demonstration on the sport of Archery after which they may test their abilities at the sport. Buttresses are placed at varying distances to make it a challenging activity to partake in.

Soul Spa & Gym

Our exclusive bush spa caters for your needs with a full range of treatments. Our spa environment invites you to break all connections with time and become one with nature. Our facility has been designed to encourage the flow of air so there is a constant feeling of everything light and airy. 

Enjoy the solace of our steam room and outdoor splash pool before your indulgent treatment by one of our highly qualified spa therapists, either in our secluded rooms or outside under the shade of a wild olive tree. For the more active, we have a fully equipped gym which has a 180-degree view of the wild African bush. Additional fees for certain activities may occur.

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